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Saving on golf clubs by buying them used

All golfers want to have top notch golf clubs, but most of us don’t have enough money to keep up with latest releases. The fact that new golf clubs are super expensive shouldn’t come off as surprise to anyone. That’s why most people in similar situations start to consider buying used golf clubs. If you know how and where to look, you should be able to get used golf club in great condition for pretty low price. These clubs usually cost much less than new ones, too. For example, a new club that would be sold for five hundred dollars, can be bought for half of that price or even less than that. Plus, even if they are few years old, used golf clubs that i get tend to be very slightly used. People just buy them and then forget to actually use them on the course. That is perfect for people like us – who are looking for barely used golf clubs to buy. More important than club’s condition is how well it is fitted to your physique. Often beginners make mistake of focusing too much on details of a golf club like materials and design, while completely neglecting how well that club fits them. That is a bad mistake, because as you probably know, proper fit is most important factor of all when it comes to choosing good golf club for yourself. Still, there are a lot of other questions associated with buying used golf clubs. Which is the best place to buy them from? What are the dangers that you should avoid? I decided to write this post to address some of those concerns and hopefully help you find a good club. Let’s start with the first question.

The best place to buy used golf clubs has to be GlobalGolf. It’s prices are fairly good, and they keep the standard of quality for the used clubs they sell pretty high. All of the used clubs that i got from them were in fairly good condition. To summarize, GlobalGolf is sort of a safe bet when it comes to shopping for used golf clubs. You can’t go wrong with a purchase from GlobalGolf. Especially for brand new golf clubs, savings can be extremely generous. I’ve seen thousand dollar club sets being sold for 300$ there, and bought 250$ club for around hundred dollars myself. Granted, this safety offered by GlobalGolf comes at a price. First of all, it doesn’t have as wide pool of options as eBay does. That can be a deal-breaker if you are left handed like myself and are looking for golf clubs made for lefties. All the clubs on GlobalGolf are safe bets, but there is just not a lot of room for considering different clubs. eBay, on the other hand, is complete opposite of that. There are lots of used golf clubs posted for sale on eBay, but you have to be careful when choosing one. The most important thing to do is to look at seller’s rating and his/her selling history. If the seller has long track record of selling used golf clubs and has lots of reviews by satisfied customers, then you can be sure that you can trust him/her. Always pay attention to description of a listing though. Sellers usually explain condition of a used club in description, so if a club has a scratch or something and you don’t notice disclaimer about that, then it’s your fault and you can’t ask anything of a seller.

One good rule of thumb to remember is that if price of a used club is too low, then it’s probably a counterfeit club. Otherwise, people would have already bought it. You’d be surprised by how many golfers are hunting for those types of deals. You have to be careful and studious in your search to find something truly amazing at low price. It’s certainly possible, but it takes time. One more thing about fake golf club sellers is that they know eBay’s policies really well, so once you get the club and realize it’s not what you paid for, there’s nothing you can do to get your money back.

So, these have been my tips for buying used golf clubs. I’ve had success buying used clubs using these tricks and i hope it will help some of you too.

Choosing golf clubs as a woman

When you’re a woman choosing golf clubs for yourself, there are few important things to keep in mind. In my opinion, most important of them all is knowing difference between men’s and women’s clubs. At first glance, golf clubs made for both genders look and feel the similar, but there are few ways in which they differ. These differences are inspired by actual differences between women and men golfers. For example, women, on average, tend to be shorter than men, so manufacturers usually make their clubs shorter, so that arm length and club length align well. Women are also usually less strong than their male opposites, so women’s golf club manufacturers also try to make golf clubs lighter and female-friendly in other ways as well. It’s important to keep these differences in mind when you’re choosing golf clubs as a woman. If you don’t keep them in mind, you’ll have unrealistic expectations and end up with poor golf clubs and poor overall results. Just like in everything else, by knowing your advantages and weaknesses as female golfer, you increase your odds of success significantly.

Another common mistake that women make is buying expensive golf clubs. They think that just because golf club set is expensive, it will solve all their problems. That’s simply not true. Most, if not all of beginner golfers’ problems can be fixed with lessons and practice, not fancy golf clubs. In my opinion, if you’re a lady and novice to golf, it’s better to stick with affordable club sets, like the ones offered by Callaway and other manufacturers. These club sets are cheap but decent in quality, so they will allow you to test the waters of golf without making too much investment into the sport that you aren’t even familiar with. Still, if you want best golf clubs of certain types, like for example putters, you can choose and buy putters separately and use those instead of the one that came with the club set.

I think it’s very important to not spend a lot of money on golf clubs. My opinion is based on many facts, but that’s neither here nor there for now. At this moment, i wanted to say few words on how to save on golf clubs. One way, as we’ve mentioned before, is buying golf clubs packaged as entire set, rather than buying them one by one. The second, and probably a little less obvious method, is by buying used golf clubs. If you look for them carefully, you can actually find “used” clubs that look and feel like new ones. They usually cost half the price, sometimes even less. Of course, it takes a lot of time to find those, but if you’re short on money but have some spare time, it’s very good solution to the problem of small budget.

Other than golf clubs, you’ll also likely need high quality golf bag to hold your clubs. I can’t stress the importance of choosing good golf club bag enough. Without a good bag, your life as a golfer can get pretty miserable pretty quickly.

How to collect golf club set

Because of how much time it takes to collect all the necessary golf clubs for entire set by buying them one by one, many people prefer to buy entire set all at once. They do this for multitude of reasons. Most common reasons are: to save time and money. Entire club sets, on average, cost much less than what it would cost you to buy those same clubs separately. On the other hand, they have their disadvantages too, and we’ll get to them soon enough.

The main benefit of choosing which golf clubs to buy to comprise your golf club set is individuality. Club sets usually are sold by one brand, and they contain only golf clubs from that brand. For some people, like for instance, beginners, that may not be a problem, but for professional golfers, who have strong preferences for individual clubs from this or that brand, that is big problem. That’s why, in my opinion, golf club sets are usually better for beginners, while pros should always make their own sets. While buying golf clubs one by one, you are free to buy the best hybrid, best woods, and best of each types of the club category. On the other hand, one brand rarely makes the best of all types of clubs. Some brands, like Callaway, do make all kinds of clubs, but others, like Ping, specialize in one certain type. Still, even in case of Callaway, their drivers, woods and hybrids are much better than, for example, their wedges and putters. At least that’s how i see it.

There are many disadvantages that come with buying golf clubs separately, but most of them probably boil down to one thing – expense. Buying the best driver, woods, irons/hybrids, putters and other clubs is super expensive. Having top notch golf clubs may help your performance on the golf course a little bit, but it will have bad effect on your bank account. High end clubs are very expensive, so if you’re on a tight budget, buying entire club set might be worth considering. Although there are other ways to reduce expenses. In theory, you could still stay within your budget and have the high end clubs that you want to have. All you have to do, is look for good bargains on used golf clubs. Second hand clubs might sound like a bad idea, but in practice, some listings are very attractive. If you look long enough, you’ll find used clubs that are in perfect condition, almost indistinguishable from the new ones. I must also add that beginners should be careful when buying used clubs. Picking good one takes a lot of knowledge of ins and outs of golf clubs. You must also know the rules of websites that you’re buying these clubs on.

This may not be true for everyone, but one thing i find problematic with golf club sets is that they are too standardized. Often, they don’t include golf clubs that i may like, but aren’t standard in the industry. One example that comes to mind is utility iron. I love using utility clubs on fairway greens, but most golf club sets don’t include them. That’s why i’m forced to turn away from them and towards collecting club set individually.

How to afford top notch golf clubs on tight budget

It’s a common misconception that you need to be extremely wealthy to play golf. Yes, it’s true that most flashy golfers are extremely wealthy, and they like to show off, and that only strengthens the stereotype. In reality though, majority of golfers are regular people like you and I – not the obnoxious show offs wielding thousand dollar golf clubs. Most of us struggle with cost of clubs and other golf accessories just like you do, but using some smart tricks, we still manage to have sufficient golf clubs to achieve our goals, while not putting dent in our budget. That’s why I decided to write this post – to educate fellow budget-constrained golfers on buying golf clubs and other golf-related stuff for relatively cheap price. While this tutorial is about saving, there’s excellent piece by George at GolfClubsGuru about excellent seniors’ clubs.

One most important thing to keep in mind when looking for bargains, is that once new generation of golf clubs are released, older versions, which are still good, usually become significantly cheaper. To be clear – difference between up-to-date and older versions of clubs is very little, but price difference is staggering. In my opinion, that’s rare opportunity to get a good deal on golf clubs. It’s also quite common that once newer golf clubs get released, people usually try to sell used clubs, and those are even cheaper. Especially considering the fact that supply for that particular model has risen, since everyone is listing their old clubs to raise funds for new ones. Using this tactic, I’ve once bought 800$ iron set for just under 200$. Even after three years, those clubs still work as a charm.

But buying using golf clubs aren’t that simple. You’ll need some tips for that as well. Best places to buy used clubs are craigslist and eBay. Craigslist is more like wild west, by which I mean that there is little to no oversight and basically anything gets posted. It’s up to you figure out the quality of the product, so there’s little more risk associated with shopping on craigslist. eBay, on the other hand, has seller ratings and strict control, so it’s much easier to find quality used golf clubs. Basically, if seller has good enough rating, and has been selling golf clubs for a while now, it’s very unlikely to be get scammed by him or her. Sellers are also required to be honest about condition of a golf club they’re selling, so I would advise to carefully read description and details of the listing. There have been cases when buyer ignored explicit mentions of defects of a golf club and still bought it thinking it was brand new. Unfortunately, if that happens to you, it’s on you, and you won’t be refunded for golf club and eBay will take sellers side as well.

Overall, buying used golf clubs, and older models of golf clubs is rather effective way to save money.  If any of you readers have better tips for saving money on golf clubs, please let us know in comments.

Are chinese knockoffs as good as real brand clubs?

Buying and selling chinese knockoff golf clubs is pretty common occurrence on eBay.  So naturally, eBay and legit brands are doing their best to counter these sellers. Objectively, of course it’s unethical thing to do, but in this post, we’re going to be talking about this topic from consumer’s point of view.

How bad are these knockoffs, really? Do they at least come close to maintaining original quality and design, or are they just plain useless? I haven’t bought any of these knockoffs myself, but I have friend who did buy it, so I’ve had an opportunity to play with them.

First of all, there are two kinds of knockoffs – those who try to be authentic, and copy the quality of club as well as it’s appearance. You should try to avoid buying any kind of knockoff, if you know it to be the case, but if you’re unaware and are cheated,the authentic ones  are the ones you want. On the other hand, there are some knockoffs that are just plain garbage, and are only good for being lookalikes of good clubs, so that the sellers can scam inexperienced golfers into buying them.

As mentioned before, most knockoff clubs are sold on eBay and craigslist, so spotting one is rather easy if you know where to look. First of all, eBay is hard on their heels when it comes to selling fake products, so most of these sellers have to frequently create new seller accounts to stay afloat. That should be sign number one – if account is rather new, has little to no reviews, and is selling an excellent golf club for ridiculous price, it’s very likely to be scammer and you should report it to ebay immediately. Ask your friends for advice when buying a club and if you don’t have any friends who play golf, read reviews like this one to help you understand ins and outs.

Craigslist is rather hard, because it doesn’t involve in transaction and exchange of items, so they have less responsibility to protect the buyers both legally and morally. When you’re shopping on craigslist, you’re on your own, just like you’d be if you were buying golf club on garage sale. So if you’re a beginner golfer, and are looking for good bargain on used golf clubs, I’d recommend sticking with eBay as it has more obvious indicators of trustworthiness. Amazon and GlobalGolf are also quite good, but they don’t have as big of a selection as eBay does.

If you’ve already bought knockoff and are wondering if you’ve wasted your money, the answer is probably yes, it’s just a question of how much. If it’s at least a decent knockoff, you can keep using it and you’ll be fine, but if it’s the second type of knockoff I described above, you will be better off accepting your losses and moving on after throwing It away in the garbage. And remember, don’t try to sell knockoff club – that means serious trouble, even if you weren’t the one manufacturing it.


Which golf club brand is the best?

A lot of beginner golfers ask me – which golf club brand is the best? The answer, as much as I’d like it to be, is not that simple. Yes, there are some brands that make exceptionally well-made golf gear, but they also cost a fortune. There are some brands that aim for the best quality for affordable price, and there are also some brands that plain straight up don’t care and produce low quality products and solely rely on heavy marketing for sales. One of those quality brands I mentioned before is Callaway. I use their products a lot, so in this review I’m going to be talking about them a lot.

Callaway, in my experience, is the best brand because it has such wide variety of products. Are you a beginner and want an affordable club set to get you started? Callaway will have you covered. Their Callaway Strata series is one of the best in terms of value. For just 200$, you can buy perfectly good beginners club set, that will be more than enough for years to come. Of course, once you begin to improve your game, Callaway Strata set won’t quite cut it, but that should be expected.

They also make excellent golf clubs for women.  I recently bought my wife Callaway Solaire Gems set, and she’s been loving it so far. Even for it’s hefty price tag, these clubs still manage to amaze people by their innovative designs and quality of the materials.  If that costs too much for you, this buying guide by GcG might give you some ideas about good clubs to buy. Overall, Callaway is golf industry leader, and the fact that they’re one of the best brands, if not the best, shouldn’t come as surprise to anyone.

The other golf club brand that I like is TaylorMade. They also have history of making moderately priced, high quality golf clubs. I especially like what they’ve been doing in the irons department. Most TaylorMade series irons these days are of excellent quality.

With that being said, there are also dozens of solid golf club manufacturers that I don’t have experience with, so they didn’t get to be on this list. Most notable of them are – Cobra, Mizuno, Wilson, Nike, and others. I think Nike has recently quit this line of business, but if you find used Nike golf clubs for sale, definitely buy them, because I’ve heard they’re very well built.

Mizuno are Japanese clubs, and that alone speaks for quality of the brand. But they’re much more expensive than most American brands. .Their JPX line of irons is excellent, but for their price, you can get entire set of excellent clubs. So I guess what I’m saying is – if budget doesn’t worry you, Mizuno might be worth the shot, but if it does, I’d advise you to stick with TaylorMade and callaway.

True cost of hiking

Something that at first pulled in me to climbing was the way that it was a modest method to get outside, carry on with a more dynamic way of life, submerge my family in the outside and diminish pressure. I’m blessed to live close to a large number of climbing trails in Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Huge numbers of the trails have free access or an ostensible stop extra charge, so climbing certainly spoke to me as an awesome pastime to do on a shoestring spending plan.

All I extremely required toward the beginning of my adventure was not too bad shoes and water. It wasn’t well before the climbing bug truly hit me and I began propelling myself for longer separations, all the more difficult trips, and climbing in different sorts of climate. Also, the greater part of my opportunity climbing was with my newborn child. The following thing I knew my “economical” new leisure activity had a list of things to get that continued developing and developing, and all my chance and miles on the trail were making me blow through my trail sprinters in only a couple of short months.

I obtained a casing rucksack style infant transporter and an arrangement of fundamental climbing shafts for genuine feelings of serenity when climbing on uneven territory with a kid on my back. The transporter accompanied space for a hydration bladder and luckily I had an old one that was still fit as a fiddle and it fit consummately.

I was ready with simply these provisions for a long while, other than supplanting shoes, aside from expecting to buy a headlamp for a dawn climb. As winter moved toward I ended up pushing past being a reasonable climate climber and requiring legitimate attire for colder days. I likewise required waterproof shoes, which my trail sprinters unquestionably were definitely not! I had some not too bad climbing boots however they were more established and unquestionably not the correct size for me. My list of things to get developed again – a puffy coat, downy lined tights and jeans, a warm base layer, fleece socks and waterproof boots. With the buy of those things I was getting out in colder temps however my hands were frigid now and again and I required a hotter cap and neck gaiter notwithstanding better gloves. I was investing such a great amount of energy in the trail I additionally chose the time had come to buy some essential security things and an emergency treatment unit.

As I think back finished the previous two long periods of climbing, my purported “cheap” interest has begun to include, yet I attempt to purchase quality items at whatever point I can discover incredible deals. They should keep going me for quite a while and numerous miles on the trail. Next on my rundown is multi day pack. When I climb without my little child, I continue getting my child’s hydration pack since it has more space than my extremely essential variant, however I’d like something with room enough to stash my puffy or a wool and perhaps an additional camera focal point for my dslr. I’m additionally pondering a yearly go to my state parks and some microspikes. My family was sufficiently sweet to present me a National Parks Pass this past Christmas. The main repeating cost is my trail sprinters, which are my prefered climbing shoes. It appears like my “list of things to get” grows constantly, yet I can’t gripe considering the kinships I’ve shaped on the trail and how my life has been improved by time spent in the outside. I’d state that is really precious.

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